Sunday, April 27, 2008



It is as easy as that to get a 100 for your blog grade, but you are screwed if you forget to do them! The only way I remembered was to set a weekly alarm on my phone to remind me. It only takes 5 min normally to do your blog and voila, easy A. This pretty much goes for Prof Rogers entire class though, just dont forget to go and do your stuff and you should get your A for your 3 hours. P.S. If you are actually reading this, tell Angie hey for me!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


I did not like this ethics project to be honest. It was just hard for me to find good documents that are original about the historical lapses. The most interesting thing to reflect on was the amount of crazy and ridiculous things humans do to others. People will experiment on women and children, or just mass murder others with no problem. I did find it interesting that the guilty parties would write in the style they did, very "around the bush" if you may. The indirect approach is like a dead give away of them being shady and doing bad things. Other than the class examples, i didnt see any other good examples but im sure they are all the same.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unethical Issues

I am sure every blog you have read has said this same thing about the stats, those are crazy! I would have never thought that 3 in 4 full time workers would encounter "ethical lapses" or that 1 in 10 believe a scandal or ethical lapse is going on at their company right now! I can definitely understand the being distracted stat because of course people are going to be distracted when they see or hear about the shady stuff going on at their work. They could be worried about stock plans or job loss. I was also a little bit surprised at the division of people's thoughts on how to handle the situations that arise. I would never think to handle some unethical action myself. I would always take it to my supervisor or manager because being caught up in something like that is the last thing I would need. I also understand why people choose not to report the issues because the system of reporting is not adequate.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Web vs Paper

I do not think that the two are that different. I think the main thing is your audience because that decides how formal and strict you need to follow grammar guidelines. If my audience for this blog was an executive deciding if i get a job i would be more formal, but since this is just a weekly blog i am not as concerned about it being grammatically correct. The one difference that stands out the most for me is that i can type a lot faster than writing so i don't get as frustrated when having to write a lot. also when i write online i have websites that are easily accessible to get ideas or even synonyms and random things like that. I think the most important thing to remember when transferring to the web is to make sure is very readable. maybe that means having a lot of space, headings and subheadings, and being concise.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Free Topic

The two things that I am thinking about right now and that i am going to right about are tests and basketball. Nothing is worse than studying for 29 years of your life for a test and then the teach taking 2389 days to get it back to you! Last week I took 3 tests and I feel lucky if I get them back before graduation. How long can it take to run a scantron through a machine and grade them? I know sometimes there are a lot of teachers doing it but still, there isn't a week plus worth of teachers doing it. There other thing im thinking about now is the ncaa basketball tournament. so much money is won and loss on each and every point that is scored! i would never start betting real money because i could see how addicting it would be. some online sites you can bet on everything from who gets the first tip ball or who fouls first. most guys think they are experts on sports and the spreads are so easy to win money on but if you actually bet some you see how smart and down to a science vegas has all the odds

Sunday, March 23, 2008


I can most definitely believe that at least 50% of people lie on their resume. Resumes are the deciding factor in who gets what jobs, and a person's job is their main source of income for their family. A better job could mean more money, more time off, or many other things that a person would lie for. I believe most lies are just exaggerations like a GPA. We talked about this in one of my mgt classes and a few other examples of types of lies on resumes besides exaggerations would be making stuff completely up like going to harvard grad school or saying you are a completely different person!
Another thing we talked about in that mgt class was how your reputation is the most important thing you have in the business world. If you lie on your resume and get caught, you are screwed! That is the single most biggest reason why I would not lie because it will haunt you for the rest of your career.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Class Presentations

Our classes presentations all were very good and very useful! Some of them were very short and one or two was very long. My favorite was the one about the stock markets because I like that stuff a lot but I just dont know a lot about it. He also handed out a crossword puzzle, by far the best hand out. My least favorite was the best football stadiums, i didnt agree with a lot of it. I learned a lot of stuff I never would have known about traveling to Mexico and also how to boil the perfect egg, two things I cant believe I have went so long in life without knowing! I was very very very very very sad that I did not get to present my presentation because I spent hours and even days making sure it would have been perfect for my classmates! OK you got me, I am kidding but hopefully I got a 100 for that assignment haha. I dont really know what else to type so i think this blog post is done for. see you next week my fav english 304 teacher!